Alfatorres receives the CE Marking for its family of sliding fire doors

In 2019, ALFATORRES began the year by achieving a new milestone in our path to continuous improvement and for positioning ourselves at the forefront of fire door manufacturers. The Applus Certifier completed the certification process of our sliding fire doors with a resistance of 60, 90 and 120 minutes, which culminated in the relevant documents being issued for validating CE MARKING.

It is well known that next November 1, 2019, the coexistence period for the old document validation system period and the new required EN 16034:2014 Standard will end. Therefore, all doors with fire resistance and/or smoke control features and characteristics must be substantiated by means of a Declaration of Performance according to the Certificate of Constancy of Performance and the Classification Report issued by the laboratory that performed the fire and/or smoke resistance test.

La aplicación de la norma armonizada EN 16034:2014 se sitúa en la línea de cumplimiento de los establecido por la UE según el Reglamento Europeo de Productos de la Construcción (CPR) 305/2011/EU. Uno de los objetivos de dicho reglamento es asegurar la calidad y prestaciones de los productos comercializados en el ámbito de la UE. Por ello, las puertas con características de resistencia al fuego se certifican mediante un Sistema de Verificación del Tipo 1 que incluye la toma de muestras previas al ensayo de tipo inicial, el propio ensayo, el control de producción en fábrica y la verificación anual de que las prestaciones ensayadas se mantienen.

The application of harmonized standard EN 16034:2014 is in compliance with that established by the EU in accordance with European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011/EU. One of the objectives of this regulation is to ensure the quality and benefits of products marketed within the scope of the EU. Therefore, doors with fire-resistant characteristics are certified by a Type 1 Verification System that includes sampling prior to the initial-type test, the test itself, production control in the factory, and annual verification that the performances tested are maintained.

Talleres Alfatorres will soon obtain the same Certifications for the rest of the families of fire doors with the strong determination to start 2020 in perfect harmony with the regulatory requirements and, thus, continue investing in Quality together with the maximum customization of our solutions.