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Lidle Logistics Warehouse Murcia

  • Logistics Warehouse 1
     Logistics Warehouse 1
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     Logistics Warehouse 2
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     Logistics Warehouse 3
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     Logistics Warehouse 4

2014, Alfa Torres manufactured and installed Hinged Fire Doors and Sliding Fire Doors for Lidl Logistics Warehouse, located in a little town called Lorquí, in the Spanish county of Murcia. The main functions of the warehouse are the purchase, storage, distribution and selling of all kind of products, over all food related, by means of its net of supermarkets. It is the logistics warehouse that supplies all Lidl supermarkets in the area of Murcia.

The Hinged Fire Doors were specifically personalised, meeting the requirements of the project, in relation to the intensive use and the quality of the finishes: special sizes, finish lacquered and put into a furnace, aesthetic frame to wrap and cover the inner part of the frame, and lacquered in a different colour. Consequently, the following special accesories were installed: stainless steel front locks, handle set with stainless steel rosettes, aerial door closer and special electric closer to join in the security system of the whole warehouse, and panic handles.

For the installation of both the Sliding Fire Doors and the Hinged Fire Doors, several assemblers travelled all the way from Alfa Torres' main factory. Thanks to their professionalism, we successfully met the requirements of the finishes.

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About us

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    Mission - Our purpose Our professional determination is to design, manufacture, market, and assembly. All in all, our main task is to install and maintain all type of industrial closing systems and sectoring...

  • In Alfa Torres we are continuously looking for the excellence in our results and to do so, we create lasting relationships based on trust, respecting our core values​ at all stages​: Honesty, Responsibility, Discipline...

  • Alfa Torres is the group’s main plant of  a corporate group with more than 96 years experience in the sector of industrial doors, sectoring fire doors and automatisms, with a clear service vocation aimed at adapting and personalising each of its systems and products to every customer’s specific requirements.

    Alfa Torres is the main company of a corporate group with more than 96 years of experience in the industrial door sector, sectoring fire doors, and industrial automation. Alfa Torres has a clear ...